With a voice the size of the moon

Heyyy I'm Kyla and I have dissociative identity disorder.
There is
Abby Moriss
And Kyla I guess...
I just write about it.

I wish people would remember that there are no written rules to DID. Every one goes about it in a different way. Some people have it more severe then others or can’t remember anything their alters do. Other people remember everything that happens and are well aware of each of there other personality’s. Insulting people who you think are “faking it” or sending them anonymous messages telling them that you know for a fact that there “faking it” is just plain pathetic. If you only know them from there blogs, you don’t know know them at all, and you shouldn’t judge people you don’t know. How do we know you’re not a fake? Who are you to pass judgement? What I’m trying to say is, you are no better then the rest of society, so get off your pedestal that you so ignorantly put yourself on and keep your petty judgments to yourself. Insulting others will not make you a better person. No matter how hard you try. 

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